Tucano Second Skin laptop sleeve

If you have been reading my blog you will know that Apple have given me a new Macbook Pro. The laptop has a larger screen which means a larger laptop which means that all my existing bags and sleeves don’t fit any more.

I have put everything for my old laptop on ebay and went out hunting for some new stuff. I decided that I would prefer to get myself a laptop sleeve rather than a laptop bag. A sleeve lets me put the laptop in any bag or case without worrying about the laptop being damaged.

There is a vast range of sleeves available on the market at the moment. However finding one to fit the Macbook Pro proved a challenge. For the Powerbook I had a Crumpler The Gimp and it always felt a bit loose. I didn’t want to make that mistake again. The problem with ordering online with things like cases and sleeves is that you have to take peoples word on how well they fit.

The Tucano Elements Second Skin for the Macbook Pro 15.4″ fits like a glove. The sleeve was designed in Italy by Tucano specifically for this model of Macbook and you can tell. Made out of waterproof neoprene it isn’t as thick as the Crumpler sleeves however it does feel like a quality product. A zip with two zippers allows for easy access while a thin neoprene lip protects the edge of the laptop from the zip itself. The outside of the sleeve is printed with various wording and logos to tell everyone exactly what sort of expensive laptop you have inside.

img_1053c.jpg img_1054b.jpg img_1056a.jpg

This sleeve is not going to protect your laptop from heavy impacts and it isn’t going to be drop proof. However it should stop your laptop from being scratched or getting light dents while in another bag.

Overall I am very impressed with the build quality and how well it fits on the Macbook Pro.

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